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Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance

Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management

Confidential corporate information and intellectual property are regularly shared among many entities, each of which represents a potential point of failure in the chain of security and data privacy. Security breaches that expose sensitive customer, patient, and employee information have become routine. While the headlines focus on the exposures of large organizations, less publicized incidents are frequent and can be just as costly. In addition to unwanted publicity, the loss of personally identifiable information, financial, and operational data can significantly impact revenue and market share. Companies must be vigilant about protecting and monitoring the security of their managed data, both inside and outside of the corporate perimeter.

While many companies take measures to protect their core IT infrastructure, management is quickly coming to the realization that security and control must be extended to the data itself, regardless of where it resides, in flight and at rest. Not only is data protection required as part of an overall Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) framework, other practices such as data disposition policies governing how long the company stores its information and when it can be disposed of, should also be accounted for. Only by measurably protecting and managing data throughout its lifecycle will companies truly be protected, secure, and compliant.

Allegheny Digital’s (A|D) innovative DLM services provide our clients with needed and scalable data control to prevent the unintentional exposure of confidential information to motivated and unauthorized individuals. Our DLM services are specifically designed to thwart the premeditated theft of proprietary information by building a defensible approach to data protection, one that begins with the data itself, providing granular control of mission critical information. Our comprehensive approach to DLM pulls together essential elements of corporate governance, information security and privacy controls, data flow analytics, external vendor management and data classification to provide organizations with an unparalleled framework for identifying, protecting, and disposing of confidential data, truly mitigating risk and enhancing compliance. Our DLM services are designed to help you address:

Although incorporating a DLM framework into your existing governance processes may seem like a daunting task, A|D professionals have years of experience, across verticals, helping our clients navigate this challenging landscape by providing a clear, concise, step-by-step plan to secure and manage sensitive data throughout the company.

If you would like to learn more about how our DLM Services can help your organization, please .

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