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Digital Forensics

Defensible Information Protection

Digital Forensics

Telling statistics by the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) provide evidence that data breaches and targeted computer attacks are continuing to rise. The past year has brought issues of information security and data privacy closer to the legal and regulatory forefront as malicious threats are hitting organizations faster and in larger quantities than they ever have before. The results are not just compromised data, but also legal exposure, undesired downtime, reduced employee productivity, recovery costs, and potential brand damage.

Cyber criminals are creating new malware daily. Is your company prepared to quickly and measurably respond to information security incidents? More importantly, do you even have an actionable IR plan – one that’s appropriately documented and tested?

Choose from one of our Digital Forensics consulting services to find out how A|D can help you understand, prioritize, and optimize the controls used to discover and preserve strategic information.