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On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services

Running a business in highly competitive markets is all about risk management and well reasoned decision making. Successful organizations are successful for a reason – they have strong senior management teams to advise and guide them when important, mission-critical decisions need to be made – decisions that will ultimately drive strategic direction and have a substantial financial and/or regulatory impact on the organization. Given today’s unsteady economic conditions, many businesses are not in a position to afford this level of expertise on a full-time basis. To manage this potential risk, Allegheny Digital offers our clients the ability to obtain, on-demand, the same quality of Senior Security and Audit Managers afforded to large organizations, but within the budgets available to your company.

Our On-Demand Services mean that you employ the resources you need, when you need them most, regardless of whether you require a Senior Manager to help you define strategic security direction or need a Business Analyst or IT Auditor to supplement an existing project team. A|D’s On-Demand Services can assist your operational security and privacy needs - helping you to define security policy, strategy and vision or simply address point in time concerns. Representative services include:

Allegheny Digital professionals provide you with the expertise needed to effectively audit, assess, secure and maintain your information assets and security investment.

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