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Enterprise Security & Privacy

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Allegheny Digital’s penetration testing services are designed to help you assess and diagnose the potential for a security breach before it is realized, providing you with the difference between perceived threats and demonstrated weaknesses.


Our penetration testing methodology offers a real world assessment of your organization's exposure to information security risks and vulnerabilities. A|D’s testing assumes the mindset of a motivated individual focused on compromising your organization’s infrastructure in an effort to gain unauthorized access to proprietary intellectual property and sensitive customer data.

We offer a variety of customizable testing options that can be used to evaluate the following environments:

Black Box Testing

A|D Security Professionals begin the engagement with zero knowledge about your organization and its related Internet facing (external) infrastructure and information assets. The black box approach utilizes publicly available information sources in an attempt to gain a thorough understanding of the target environment and, ultimately, “unauthorized” access to corporate information assets via controlled exploitation.

Black box testing is extremely useful in determining what company information is available to interested outsiders and how that information may be utilized in an effort to gain illicit access to corporate resources.

White Box Testing

All Internet facing IP address ranges are provided to A|D prior to beginning the engagement. This approach simulates a motivated individual that has already accumulated knowledge of the target environment. White box testing is designed to focus on external vulnerability identification, evaluation, and controlled exploitation.

Grey Box Testing

This approach simulates a company insider that has complete knowledge of the target environment. Grey box testing provides an excellent means of understanding how an insider may exploit security weaknesses to gain unauthorized access to intellectual property and confidential data and systems.

As with all of our security services, A|D can tailor the scope of our engagement to meet your specific objectives. As a professional services organization, we are dedicated to meeting your unique business needs with the highest degree of integrity, expertise, and support.


At the conclusion of the engagement, A|D will deliver a detailed and comprehensive report that can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of executives, management, and business personnel alike. Our reports typically include an executive summary, immediate needs report, detailed technical findings, risk management recommendations, and detailed illustrations, as needed.

If you would like to learn more about having A|D conduct Penetration Testing against your network, please

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