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Privacy Services

Privacy Services

Maintaining the security and privacy of customer and employee information is a key business imperative. As information systems and supporting technologies become increasingly sophisticated yet easier to use, growing amounts of personal information are being collected. As a result, organizations are confronting a challenging array of business issues in efforts to secure and protect sensitive consumer information from a variety of vulnerabilities, including theft, misuse, and unauthorized access and disclosure.


Fundamentally sound privacy practices are a key component of corporate governance and accountability. Effectively managing privacy risks requires the cooperation and coordination of multiple functional areas, including legal, marketing, IT, internal audit, regulatory compliance, and applicable international considerations. Allegheny Digital is uniquely positioned to assist organizations with the development of an effective privacy program that strikes a balance between privacy risks, obligations, and business opportunities.

A|D professionals have proven industry experience across a number of related disciplines, including business process design, privacy, information security, digital forensics, audit, training, and regulatory compliance. Our risk based approach considers essential enterprise business functions such as applicable policies and procedures, data classification and information flow, training and awareness, third party service provider requirements, and defensible controls.

We offer a number of customizable services to help you manage privacy risk, comply with federal and international regulations, and effectively manage the proper use and collection of personal information throughout your enterprise. Representative services include:


At the conclusion of the engagement, A|D will deliver a detailed and comprehensive report that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of executives, management, and business personnel alike. Our reports typically include an executive summary, immediate needs report, detailed technical findings, risk management recommendations, and illustrative walkthroughs, as needed.

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